Mr Luthando Ndayi


Director’s details

Mr Ndayi holds BA (Hons.) Social Work Degree obtained from the University of Western Cape in South Africa. He has Project Management certificate from Peninsula Technikon, Cape Town Social Africa, Post Graduate Studies from Kingston University, London UK, Practice Assessor-Enabling the Learning of Others Post Qualifying certificate from Gold Smith University, London, UK, Achieving Best Evidence (ABE-video interviews) certificate via Brent Learning and Development Unit and holds various other in-house Child Protection related training course certificates obtained from Child and Families Departments in South Africa and United Kingdom. Apart from University and College qualifications, Mr Ndayi is also a qualified SIA Door Supervisor which is a security course he completed in the UK. This course is divided into 4 units i.e. working in the Private Security Industry, Working as a Door Supervisor, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Skills for the Private Security Industry. In South Africa, Mr Ndayi is also qualified and registered grade B Security Officer. He has developed commendable communication skills with client group of different ages and diversified backgrounds. He holds overall accountability of service provisions of his company; he provides and advises on the general security operational standards and its facilities, offer assistance in social activism. Mr Ndayi’s passion for security industry was formed by various factors from his background. For example, Butterworth is a small town in the Eastern Cape; it used to be one the high activity industrial area of the Eastern Cape (former Transkei) Region. Given its aforementioned small geographical size, Butterworth became densely populated, resulting into lots of criminal activities associated with unemployed disgruntled young persons. This is where the desire for social enterprise provision services was conceived. Mr Ndayi is now in business ventures and he is the founder and Director of Mboyi Global Logistics Solutions & Skills Repository. He is also operating as Gcinimuzi wa Ora Trust UK Ambassador, Chief Investments Officer with responsibility for SAASTEC and RSA Dept of Science & Technology Strategic Project partnerships. The named projects are implemented within the auspices of SADC Independent Power Producers and minerals beneficiation Enterprises from of Gcinimuzi wa Ora Trust Seed Capital Investments and Buyalingi Business Consulting and jobs creation ventures.

Mr. Ndayi is currently based abroad, in the United Kingdom (UK) but he keeps regular contact with operational partners of MBOYI GLOBAL SOLUTIONS & SKILLS REPOSITORY Services who are based in South Africa. Mr. Ndayi is always on the other end of the telephone and he is able to travel to South Africa at any time the need arises as he is self-employed. Mr. Ndayi is originally from Centene at e-Chebe where his paternal family currently resides. He grew up in Umtata and later, moved to Butterworth Townships where his mother used to be a textile factory worker.

As mentioned above, Mr. Ndayi is currently working in UK for overall broader vision of generating sufficient resources for his business ventures, networking for the purposes of creating jobs and global businesses back in South Africa. He regularly keeps contact with his business partners, family and friends in South Africa with the view to continually assess and identify the needy areas so as to enable world class services provisions, tailored according to the specific needs of his services areas

Our Vision

To be the most admired One Stop Shop South African Learning and Skill Development Partner, enabling sustainable transformation of the nation as whole.


Mboyi Global Solutions & Skills Repository(CIPC 2018/342859/07) is a proudly South African registered company, controlled and managed company. This is an emerging social enterprise company with various service components i.e. logistics solutions, skills development, mentoring, assisting and seeking great opportunities for the benefit of minorities and businesses owned by female and vulnerable members of South African communities. For example, in the Eastern Cape especially the former Transkei Region which is my hometown area, there is either no service all at other small towns such as Centene, Nqamakhwe, Willowvalle, or less-professional service providers or underutilization of the existing resources. I personally shipped my vehicle from the UK to SA which gave me direct experiences of the hardships I am talking about here. Whilst sharing my experiences and observations with fellow South Africans here in the diaspora, I have learned that my experiences were is a unique or isolated problem to me only. Many people ended up paying exorbitant amounts of money for clearing and freight services their goods they have shipped from here.

Given my experiences mentioned above, I have decided to register a logistic and skills repository company provider (Mboyi Global Logistics Solutions and Skills Repository Pty. Ltd) with the vision to become a comprehensive services provider for the small towns of the Eastern Cape. This will also serve as a skills development measure for the concerned areas.

Mboyi Global Solutions & Skills Repository service coordinator of business enterprises. These are going to be nationwide network business programmes. We work with individuals, education institutions, researchers, municipalities, and private sector organizations. This is mainly achieved through facilitation/coordinator entrepreneurship, mentoring and monitoring the general activities for their business development programmes. Under SAASTEC membership, we are actively participating in many events related to research and commercial networking through communities.

We aim to be experts in the fields of services provision, service user management, problem solving and analysis.

Core Values

  • Advancing South African literacy levels
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Accountability to our community upliftment
  • Meeting Commitments
  • Customer Focus
  • Integrity
  • Respect and Care for Individuals

Partnership Incubation Skills Programmes (PISP)

This is a Partnership Incubation Skills Programmes (PISP): The collaborative skills programmes are led by Mboyi Global Logistics Solution & Skills Repository company and Buyalingi Business Consulting Enterprise. Skills Programme are designed based on national government strategic literacy drives. We implement incubation programmes to improve standards and economic outcomes. We achieve this through engagement with service users on various levels i.e. local, national and internationally to bring about mutual benefits through demand and supply chain.

In these partnerships, we create customised learning contents and accredited modules, identify and train trainers and sets up review and audit processes as way ensuring efficiency.

We are a global company, with a new brand identity giving everyone an opportunity to present a single, powerful and unified face to our services users. As a company, we are young, dynamic and are constantly looking to grow. Resting on our laurels is not an option.

Learnership Support Programme

Our initiative is informed by South Africa’s non-employability of large sections of the conventionally educated youths. The existing highly trained workforce, as well as youth, who possess limited job skills are the dual challenges facing the country to be addressed to reap the demographic dividend.

We support Municipalities, Local and National Government initiatives of South African ‘Skills Developmental Programmes addressing the aforementioned challenges. In this, we build inclusive, enabled and skilled society by skilling youth and providing employment opportunities in identified core sectors including:

Logistics, Security systems, Retail, Customer Care, Automobile, Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Building & Construction, Telecom and Beauty & Wellness to name a few.

We offer employability programmes to unemployed rural youth, poor urban youth, Persons with Disabilities, youth with below poverty line demographics, women including adolescent girls and youth from socially disadvantaged groups and creates corporate ready workforce. Our support bridges the gap between millions of jobs opportunities across multiple sectors and the skills of the available workforce.

This is achievable through our association with the Department of Science and Technology, SASTA Peer Review of SAASTEC Members Committee Members representative of Mboyi Global Logistics Solutions and Skills Repository (Pty), EnerKey Biodiversity Economy Development Initiatives and Sociology of Global Citizens Solidarity Movement from 2018/09/14 to 2020/09/30 Heritage Science and Conservation Areas of Expertise in various pilot project sites which have been in existence since 2010 via Gcinimuzi wa ORA Trust Global Mission.

We partner with private providers of education, lectures, government departments / agencies like the Municipalities, Chiefdoms, Societal Organisations, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Rural/Small Town Developmental agencies and various other State Organisations, and corporates to implement projects to skill people across sectors at all levels. Various type of trainings conducted are:

  • Learnership Mentoring & Support
  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Behavioural Training
  • Digital Literacy
  • Up-skilling Programmes
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Customised Training Programmes

Actions steps:

Capacity Identification = Pre-Placement Support = Placement Drive =
Post Placement reflective = Evaluation of experiences, Placement facilitation, Employment placement

Nature of Business

Mboyi Global Logistics Solutions and Skills Repository starting as UK -Africa professional association of supply chain management. As part of our supply chain management, we plan, implement, facilitate and control the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet our services users’ expectations. The main fields within logistics are done include:

  • Procurement Logistics where we source, select suppliers and negotiate contracts for delivery of goods or services. In line with our business model and SAASTEC flow, this consists of activities such as market research, requirements planning, make or buy decisions, supplier management, ordering, and order controlling.
  • The second strand is production logistics which is about streamlining and controlling the flow through the supply chain from point of entry to the end, which is distribution logistics. Production logistics activities are related to organizational concepts, layout planning, production planning, and control.
  • The third component is distribution logistics (linked to our Alexkor mineral mines joint venture) which is aimed to be mainly about the delivery of finished products to the Nationally and abroad (London, UK) customers as starting point. Then UK based customers will be sending their items to South Africa and its neighbors and will be handling their administrative service, warehousing, and transportation. Major subsectors within the industry include air, rail, water, and truck transportation, urban transit and ground passenger transportation, warehousing and storage, and motor vehicles. Our Logistics services involve the integration of these sub-sectors, including information, transportation, inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging.
  • In disadvantage/ small towns of South Africa, we will be considering disposal logistics/reverse logistics. This includes all operations related to the reuse of products (Eskom Rotek Industries) envisaged partnerships and material acquisitions. The main is to reduce logistics cost, enhance service, whilst saving natural resources.

As this business grows, we will make us comprehensive supply chain logisticians. This type of leadership encompasses the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics management activities. Importantly, it also includes coordination and collaboration with channel partners which can be suppliers, intermediaries, third-party service providers, and customers.

About Skills Repository component, our organization plays a key role in increasing the skill levels of the South African workforce alongside other factors, we aim to help to improve productivity and economic prosperity in small towns and villages. We work to ensure sustainable and effective talent and succession planning, organizations need to understand their current and future business needs, but also remain aware of the wider skills context and policy environment in South Africa

We will examine the nature and key aims of the South African vision 2030, skills policy and explores the current skills situation in South Africa, covering issues surrounding illiteracy, student low science enrolment issues, low productivity, including the provision of careers advice, the graduate labor market, and skills mismatch, among others.

As the professional body for HR and people development, our purpose is to champion better work and better working lives for all. To facilitate this, we work with key stakeholders to build employer demand for skills that encourage greater employee engagement and high performance working. We also support employers to design diverse workplaces that foster all employees’ skills and offer opportunities for continuous learning and development.

Mboyi Global Logistics Solutions and Skills Repository will work with professionals, tertiary institutions, government bodies, employers, policy-makers, think tanks, trade unions and other key stakeholders to produce expert advice and guidance based on employer best practice on matters of apprenticeships, internships, work experience and employer recruitment practices.

Our Team

People behind Our Success

Mr Thobani Njara

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Sonwabile Mqamzana

Operations Manager

Mr Phumelele Ntabankulu

Transport Manager